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Which Plugins to Use for BP?

  • SidianMSJones


    I’ve searched the documentation, forums, and Google but haven’t found anything about whether or not WPMU plugins will work fine with BP.

    I know that some or most regular WP plugins can cause issues, so I’m concerned about this. Should we only use BP plugins and WPMU plugins that specify compatibility with BP?

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  • takuya


    Depends on what you want to do with the plugins.

    Have you faced any conflicts by installing any plugins on your buddypress install? The answer starts from here.



    So…install without a care until something is (noticeably) broken?

    That just doesn’t seem very prudent.

    actually you have two situations here:

    1- add plugins to your Buddypress front-end

    2- add plugins for your members blogs

    if you need plugins for your front-end, check that they are compatible with buddypress but also read the HowTo, because some of them need to be activated sitewide, some not.

    if you need plugins for your members blogs, you have to check if these plugins are compatible with WordPress…

    notes: do not install plugins that are morethan 300 days old, for safety and compatibility. what works with WPMU will work within Buddypress as well.

    and btw, yes, it’s a use it breake it situation in the WordPress community, because not all plugins are coded by pros, and they are not tested before added to the repository. for each plugins you have rating and comments, so read them.



    Nexia that’s very helpful information. Thank you.

    Shouldn’t there be a Support Wiki somewhere for us BP users? Maybe I missed it.

    Are there some detailed procedures for installing plugins just for the member’s blogs?

    Also does this mean members may activate them at will; or rather that I would activate them and members would have no control?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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