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WHOLE Forum section malfunctioning

  • Absolutely clueless here.
    All of a sudden, everything regarding my forums section went nuts.
    It doesnt load the footer nor the sidebar, and it only shows latest forum topic event tho there are more…

    As you can see, I switched to default theme and disabled all plugins but BP and keeps happening…

    Edit: now I realize that not even the adminbar at the top is loading…gimme back my forum !!!!!!

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  • You must have changed or added something?

    Thx @djpaul for looking into this

    Trust me, all I did was add a forum topic !
    Thought it was a theme related issue, but as you can see, even under default the problem still occurs.
    And I disabled EVERY bp plugin

    Dont get it…

    Erased ALL of my forum posts !
    And now it shows sidebar and footer !

    But, if I enter the first forum topic (after all, forum is empty), same sh*t happens again !
    Absolutely clueless

    Andrea Rennick


    It’s cutting off like that because you have a php error. Find the error logs on the server and start reading.

    “all of a sudden” means something changed somewhere. Did you enable & disable anything? tick some options? add a widget?

    @andrea_r hit the nail as usual

    Following her suggestion, had a look at the raw html in order to find where it was going berserk.

    It was a piece of custom code by @etivite which showed forum topic freshness as a permalink and which needed his forum extras wrapper plugin activated (which was not)

    SOLVED thanx to @andrea_r and @djpaul

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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