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why same image for groups and profile ?

  • abcde666


    I just do not get it why the following image is the same for groups and profiles.

    Groups is a totally different section than Profiles, so there should be different images.

    It is quite hard to change all the CSS-files and also PHP-files, just because I would like to have separate images for those h4-headers.

    Also, the “wire” has the same image at the “group-wire” and at the “profile-wire”.

    But the CSS-code is only in the file “post-list.php”, so I am not sure how to make it possible to have different images for the “wire-image”.

    Any help on how to do this ?

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  • takuya


    Why don’t you just create another image, and change the img src in the template? I’ve seen a similar question before. It’s the same logic…



    changing the image-source does not help.

    You also need to change the CS is in the PHP-files.

    So for example: ONE PHP-file refers to CSS-code in different sections of the BP-website (like “Member-Wire” and “Group-Wire”).

    So if I change the CSS in the PHP-file, ALL images will change (in both “Member-Wire” and “Group-Wire”) . But I do not want to have ALL images changed, just specific ones in the “member-Wire”-section.

    So how to achieve this ?

    Suggestion for BuddyPress:

    Generally speaking, BuddyPress-software should organized its CSS-codes specific to website-sections (like Members, Groups, Wire).

    Currently the CSS-code is specified more like for “left-column” , “center-column” or “right-column”.

    Doing so, will make it easier for developers to customize their websites……



    Add a class or ID to the body that will detect the action or component.

    That’s what I’ve done.

    then I do in CSS:

    body.groups #left-column {BEGIN OVERRIDE CSS HERE}

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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