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Widget to Show Child anfd Parent Group in Hierarchical Group for BP

  • shamshansudhar


    Hello Everyone,

    I need help in making a widget to show the group which are parent and child to current group. And i am using dcavins/hierarchical-groups-for-bp and i am having all the method which is to be used to create the Widget but i am always getting errors when i am trying to create it.
    Basically, i want somewhat similar widgets like Buddypress inbuilt one and its urgently required.

    Functions which is going to be used are
    $storeChildgroups=hgbp_get_child_groups(bp_get_group_id()); -> returns current group child’s
    $group = groups_get_group( array( ‘group_id’ => $item->id) ); -> returns group data corrosponding to id
    bp_get_group_thumb($group); ->returns group thumbnail
    bp_get_group_permalink( $group ); -> returns group permalink
    bp_get_group_name($group); -> returns group name

    Please help me i have already wasted my 2 days and I need urgent help

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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