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Widgets only added to left-column

  • Tom


    I try to add widgets to the center- and right-column.

    I select the column in the pull-down and press Show.

    I add the widget.

    But instead of showing the selected widget for the selected column,

    the left-column is shown with the newly added widget.

    All widgets are only added to the left-column.

    I’m using WordPress MU 2.7.1 and BuddyPress 1.0.

    Both fresh installs.

    Using BuddyPress Default Home Theme 1.0.

    Thanks for all help.

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  • nickdunny


    I think I had the same or similar issue. My blog page was always showing on the main page, so I could only add widgets to the Blog-Sidebar. I messed around with the settings for a while and figured the problem should be stemming from the “bphome” theme. My solution; given that I hadn’t made any modifications in the back, was to just download the latest bphome theme and do a little switcheroo. Delete the faulty put the new in. Hope that helps.


    John James Jacoby


    That’s pretty odd. I’ve two live setups and one local one and cannot reproduce this.

    Are there any additional plugins installed at all?



    I’ve de-activated the plugins and still had the problem.

    Deleted everything and started a clean install.

    Everything working fine now. ;-)



    i have the same problem.. I am installing mu & buddypress for days & just made it working today.. .But my problem is the widgets only display in left side

    Jeff Sayre



    Starting a new support request within a thread marked resolved will not get you anywhere. It will be ignored. Please read this thread:

    John James Jacoby


    Are you experiencing this problem on your main blog, or a user blog?

    I’ve just recently had this happen to me on a user/sub blog. Haven’t had time to check but I wonder if this is a functions.php issue, or a wpmu issue, or if BP is somehow interfering with widgets.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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