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Wierd Buddypress Issue

  • mugluck


    So I recently installed Buddypress (Version 2.5.3), we’re running WordPress 4.5.2, and I’m getting a weird thing where Buddypress is grabbing all the standalone links on the site. The image is below.

    Buddypress Link Error

    The site is here.

    I was able to set the page templates for the main buddypress pages, which solved it for them, but the profiles are generated dynamically, so I’m not sure where to begin. The Buddypress files have been moved to the website root. So they’re ready for modification, but I don’t want to mess around till this is fixed.

    Anybody got an idea of how to solve it?

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  • Paul Gibbs


    I have no idea where or what BuddyPress might be doing to cause that. More likely, it’s causing some issue with custom code. I think you might have to debug it, if you know PHP.



    Is there a way to set the default page template for profiles in Buddpress? I’ve isolated the problem to the fact that it’s generating from the default profile in our wordpress theme. But I don’t know which file in the buddypress system I should add the php code to.



    Ok. Problem partially solved. My relative newness to php scripting means it’s harder to parse. But I found that duplicating page.php and renaming the duplicate to buddypress.php means I can now control the default buddypress loadup.

    The problem seems to be that the secondary nav code is searching for menu children by scanning the pages and checking if they’re children of… this page’s menu system? Since the Buddpress profile isn’t affiliated with any pages, it’s taking all the unaffiliated pages… I think.

    <!-- Secondary Nav -->
    <!-- Show Secondary Menu if the page is a child or has children -->
    <?php global $post; $children = get_pages( array( 'child_of' => $post->ID ) );
    	if ( is_page() && $post->post_parent  || count( $children ) > 0 ) : ?>
    		<div class="row subnav">
    			<div class="container">
    				<div class="columns large-12">
    					    <?php wp_list_pages( array('title_li'=>'','depth'=>1,'child_of'=>get_post_top_ancestor_id()) ); ?>
    	<?php else : ?>
    	<!--This is a parent page without children-->
    	<?php endif; ?>

    So now it’s just telling it not to do that I guess.



    Ok. So while the navigation is effectively solved by tell it to look for the wrong kinds of posts. In lieu of deleting the code entirely.

    There’s another strange issue that’s cropped up suddenly. The admin bar is vanishing. Is there a line to force it to show? It works in all the other places on the site, except the buddypress profile pages.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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