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Will BP Fit Our Business Site Needs?

  • Lewke


    Hey all;

    We are looking for a relatively out-of-the-box solution for a business site that will have members sign-up and house their accounts, along with some.

    We want the dynamically created pages to be customized so the user not only logs-in and goes right to his/her personal page where we will house their content (video we create) but also track account info, make changes to their primary video page, etc. (here is a demo page of the end-users video page:

    We would like them to be able to make video changes, primarily their scrolling message changes, but at minimum have a form where they can submit their changes to us to manually do it (at least in this version of the site).

    Looking foward to any responses, can share as many details as needed.
    Thanks so much!!

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