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Wire and Custom Slugs CORE BUG

  • trcwest


    BASSED on this TRAC ticket


    Basically I stilly have a problemo with the wire displying the post…

    1) when NO patch added the wire displays posts in PROFILE and NOT it Groups.

    2) when patch IS implimented the Profile wire does not display posts but groups wire does.

    i went through and it broke when i change line 31 bp-wire/bp-wire-templatetags.php to bp-wire/bp-wire-templatetags.php

    now i know that this is becuase i have custom slugs.

    What confuses me is when the patch is implimented it kills the profile wire i gues this is because groups has been hardcoded in the patch and doesnt work with the profile slug but why does the profile wire work with the custom members to spotters slug and not with groups to spots slug.

    I gues other people with custome slugs as posted here will have this issue so is there going to be a fix for it or a work around??

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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