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Woffice & BuddyPress – Hide Public Groups in Dashboard Widget

  • 26 Enterprises LLC


    So I am using Woffice with BuddyPress. I understand the only way to show posts on the dashboard widget that a user is a member of is by making that group “public”. I understand this can not be done with making the group “hidden” or “private”.

    I am looking for all posts from groups that a user is a member of to show on the dashboard so he can at a glance see what pertains to him.

    I am a District Manager for an Automotive Parts Distributor and have built a website for my dealerships to share information with them. For example, most users will have access to a role specific group (sales representative, sales manager, parts manager, general manager, etc) (private group) this is where I will share training information, videos, specials, pricing discounts, etc.

    Managers will have access to a 2nd group, their dealership group (hidden group) this is where I will share objectives, goals, etc specific to their dealership.

    I want this information to show on the dashboard so they do not have to click into their group as well as wiki articles, posts, etc.

    The Site Wide Activity widget gets this done if they are public groups. Only issue is I do not want sales representatives to see what is being said in the sales managers group (pricing, discounts, etc). And I don’t want and am not allowed to let other dealerships see each other’s numbers.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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