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Word Press Roles and Buddypress Capabilities

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  • BuddyPress doesn’t use WP roles for anything, other than “is this user an admin” checks we have everywhere.

    Ok, thanks @PaulGibbs.

    (1) why can member’s with the role of “Editor” edit pages (a link appears for them on the bottom of the page) while members with the role of Subscriber, for example, cannot?

    (2) why does the upper “static” menu bar across the page give different options based on role?

    (3) are there different BuddyPress role settings that I should know about or be aware of?

    The underlying purpose here is to determine what role to give our various members. Thanks for helping and guiding.

    Again, BuddyPress doesn’t use Roles. At all.

    Editors can edit pages because this is a standard capability check built in to WP.

    alright, thanks @PaulGibbs

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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