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WordPress and Buddypress same password

  • b1gft


    I have buddypress set up as a sub domain. How can I set it up that the same password can be used by my readers for the main site which is ran on wordpress and the sub domain site which is ran on buddypress.
    The same as your password here, the same one for can be used for buddypress.

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  • Paul Gibbs


    It sounds as if you are running two separate WordPress installs. If you are, get rid of one of them and use multisite. There are ways to share the users table between installs (like on here), but I would suggest multisite is easier to achieve.



    My host wont allow multi site, I tried. I dont want to move from my host as I have a few clients sites hosted there as well.

    Sofian J. Anom


    @B1gft — This link might help to create a multi installation wordpress with a single login:

    But I’m not sure that there is hosting that does not support WordPress multisite. Even free hosting I have ever tried allow WordPress multisite. But it can not use subdomains, because it does not provide wildcard subdomains features.



    Hi Sofian J. Anom
    Its not free hosting its a paid hosting account. I think you are right when you say “they do not provide wildcard subdomains features”
    I will have .a look at that link tomorrow, hopefully it will do the trick.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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