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WordPress as a CMS -> Adding Buddypress as a forum – separate install?

  • Hi!

    Here is my situation I’m researching:

    – I use WordPress as a CMS to admin text and images on all pages of a site

    – I would like to have a forum SECTION on the site, not the whole site be a forum, if you get my drift

    – what is the best way to add Buddypress to a WordPress site where WordPress is already being used as a CMS? Should I do a clean install of WordPress again and dump Buddypress on that? The site I am doing has a public side (WordPress Install #1), a password protected members area in another directory (WordPress Install #2), the forum is in that protected area – should I do install #3 with Buddypress?


    Hope this makes sense!

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  • takuya


    If you want forums, then BuddyPress is not the best tool. Try bbpress, that’s the forum for wordpress.

    I really need to be able to create closed discussions for specific groups, so that means there are two levels to the site:

    – a members section for certain people

    – those members are divided into their own group discussions

    I thought Buddypress would be best for that. Aren’t we in a Buddypress powered forum right now?



    Nope, you’re on a BuddyPress powered site, but the forums that are integrated into BuddyPress are powered by BBPress.

    uuhh – bbpress seems pretty good, but as far as restricting access to certain conversations to certain logged in members one plugin is antiquated with no admin section for my client (sad since it had the beginnings of what I need) and another restricts access to categories of users but not specific users – dang

    Obviously I am new to researching a forum solution – maybe I’ll have to move to something like phpbb2, yay

    Craig Sunney


    Actually I am trying to solve the same situation…only with more access levels Free Bronze, Silver and Gold.

    I do have role manager running access to pages nicely via wishlist member…..and I need something to bridge to protect forums by role.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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