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wordpress buddypress theme 2.0 breaks the css

  • savantking99


    I have a wordpress site. With a buddypress theme. And I have a live and a staging site.

    So I updated buddypress from: 1.7.9 to 2.0.2. on staging. But now in several pages the css is broken.

    For example if I look in the css. Then I see in the 1.7 version:

     #buddypress .bp-list .action .generic-button .leave-group, body #buddypress .bp-list .action .generic-button .membership-requested {
        background: #007CFF;
        color: #fff;

    and in the 2.0 version this:

    body #buddypress .bp-list .action .generic-button .leave-group, body #buddypress .bp-list .action .generic-button .membership-requested {
        background: var(--bb-primary-button-background-regular);
        border-color: var(--bb-primary-button-border-regular);
        color: var(--bb-primary-button-text-regular);

    So the properties of the newer buddypress theme changed apparently?

    So my question is: what I have to do? Do I really need manually over all the pages to check what the differences are with buddypress 1.7 and 2.0?

    But this sounds not so promising. For example if you have a site with 300 pages.

    Then you have to go manually page for page what changes? And then in the child theme you have to correct everything?

    This sounds absurdant.

    So what is your advice? How can I fix this?

    THank you

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  • shanebp


    You’re using BuddyBoss.
    You need to send your issue to them.
    These are the forums for BuddyPress.

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