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WordPress + BuddyPress = users limited

  • omdisa7



    my developer told me that my site will not be able to manage more than 70,000 users.

    He says wordpress + BuddyPress have the user limits because there would be many calls to the database.

    All this is true? Because if it were true I have “ruined”

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  • Venutius


    BuddyPress has sites with more users so there is no physical limit, however the number of users a particular installation can support is due to a large number of factors including that actual usage profile of each of those users and how you have chosen t host your install. It’s true that the larger sites often have had to undertake some pretty significant customisations in order to support such a large user base.



    Thanks for the reply.

    BuddyPress + WordPress will work well when there are 500,000 users?

    It is important to know before, otherwise I see already now an alternative route.

    What important customizations you talking about? I’ve already been working on reducing CPU consumption etc.




    It would be interesting to know why [your] developer told [you] that [your] site will not be able to manage more than 70,000 users.

    Why precisely 70,000 ?

    As @venutius already told you, there is no physical limit. And if you have the necessary cash to buy storage and bandwith, go ahead!

    A common example for a large site running BuddyPress, is mentioned by lead dev John James Jacoby (in 2012). It is still the case in 2016.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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