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WordPress Mu 2.7 and Buddypress POT File!

  • Can anyone give me WordPress Mu 2.7 & Buddypress POT file? Please WordPress MU 2.7 and Buddypress variables in one POT file.. [Both are the same in POT file, please]

    ~~sorry my english is bad

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  • help please!

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    To translate the WPMU, which I think you want to do, do this:

    1. Download the POT file for regular WordPress, current version. WPMU have a lot of strings that are the same. You save a lot of work.

    2. Download PoEdit, , install it

    3. Download current WPMU

    4. Open the POT file for the regular WP

    5. Change the path in PoEdit to the path where you have your sorce files to WPMU

    6. Run “Update from source” in the PoEdit. That will create you a POT file for WPMU, but will also keep a lot of phrases translated, so you save work.


    Same software can be used to extract and create POT file.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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