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WordPress Nightly Breaks Buddypress

  • enderandrew


    I just upgraded to the latest nightly (3.2) build of WordPress and it broke Buddypress.

    Every page returned:

    Call to undefined method wpdb::WPDB() on FOO/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-forums/bp-forums-bbpress.php line 144

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  • LPH2005


    I haven’t played with 3.2 but in looking at the line 144 – and reading the code notes – the parent::WPDB is the issue..

    ` function BPDB( $dbuser, $dbpassword, $dbname, $dbhost ) {
    parent::WPDB( $dbuser, $dbpassword, $dbname, $dbhost );

    $args = func_get_args();
    $args = call_user_func_array( array( &$this, ‘_init’ ), $args );

    if ( $args )
    $this->db_servers = $args;

    Have you tried to globalize that function?

    In other words, add `global $wpdb;`

    It’s not to do with a global. It’s to do with calling the parent class’ WPDB(), and the fact that WP 3.2 is only supporting PHP 5+, the deprecated PHP4-style class constructors have been removed.

    BuddyPress has recently patched these in trunk

    John James Jacoby


    This will be a non-issue when the bbPress plugin eventually replaces the stand-alone version currently included in BuddyPress. Until then, the next version of BuddyPress will continue to work the same as before in this regard. Props @djpaul for being on the case. :)



    Out of curiousity, will there be a new release of BuddyPress soon? Or should I just not run nightly of WordPress?

    WordPress 3.2 is slated for release next month, so I’m assuming BuddyPress will need a new release as well in a similar time frame.

    Nothing to say yet, but the next major release of BuddyPress, 1.3, is something we’ve been working on for a long time and is getting closer. You can review the current roadmap of issues to address at

    I think people want to know if BuddyPress 1.3 will work with WordPress 3.2, or will there ever be a time when all three versions of software are up to date, completed and compatible with each other, since they rely on each other to run?

    People may be concerned about “security updates” and other issues that would make their buddy press site vulnerable to attacks.

    Also, will future releases of buddypress have more of the newer social networking features built into it? (Share buttons, sort by popularity, events, pages, recommended users, etc.)

    Of course we’ll make sure that whatever the current version of WordPress happens to be, BuddyPress will work with it.



    Thank you @djpaul for explaining this was php4 v. 5 issue. As you knew, I was guessing global would fix ;)



    I’m hearing now there will be a BP 1.2.9 release as well. Will that work work WP 3.2?



    hi, did the same stupid thing by mistake. updated to wp 3.2.1.
    which is the best known way to just get back to the latest known as working version of wp?

    Boone Gorges


    @roman – As long as you are running BP 1.2.9, you shouldn’t experience the WPDB error described above.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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