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WordPress vs BuddyPress:which tool to use for photography site

  • I just subscribed and I need advice. I am looking to creat a site for a photography club in which users can share and show off pictures, both in a public and a private space. I want them to be able to hold internal compititions by voting for the ones they love the best and share their thoughts on these, as well as on other subjets. I need to know if either WordPress, Buddypress or both are capable of doing this. Also, although I never did it, I know that I can connect to WordPress with Lightroom 3. Can I do the same with Buddypress? Thank you for your answers… :-)

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  • modemlooper


    BuddyPress adds extended profiles and groups to a WordPress install. What you want is doable but it wouldn’t be out of the box. You’d have to do some customization.

    Ok, thanks!



    Hi Paul, did you ever sort a suitable Photography Club setup with members login? I am looking for exactly the same thing. Any chance you can share information on what themes you ended up using and plugins and any advice or pitfalls to avoid? Thank you.



    Self promotion here, our BuddyBoss theme includes Photo uploading to profiles and groups out of the box (mobile too):

    Photo Uploading

    You would need to set up some other system for voting up the photos though. BuddyBoss also comes with a system to “Like” content, and shows who liked it. You could change “Like” to “Up Vote” or whatever and then create a custom built section showing the most liked activity posts, limiting it to the ones with photos uploaded. You’d need to edit some code for that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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