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[Resolved] words: Notifications, Friends, Groups are not translated

  • pascalh



    I have the following problem. I have buddypress translation (po/mo) but three words will not be translated. Everything is translated but these three words remain in English.

    test environment:
    See URL:

    I have created a temporary login:
    Usernaam: marc
    Password: marc123

    If you are logged in go to:
    Profiel > instellingen

    They are the words: notoficaties ( must be: mededelingen ), Friends ( must be: Vrienden ), Groups ( must be: Groepen )

    I hope someone can help me
    Cheers Pascal

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  • danbp


    hi @pascalh,
    your issue maybe related to your theme or a custom function you use.

    The original “notifications” string is in bp-notifications/bp-notifications-loader.php:109
    Check the po file first
    If you made a custom function to get the menu, check that function.

    Be aware that the words “notifications”, “friends” and “groups” are coming with a count and that this counter is included in the translation within a html span tag. This is technically the point who made such translation not showing in some case. Because gettext is not very compleasant with html tags… So the problem can also be the strictness of the php version on use on your server.

    You can test this by writing your translation without using the span tag. (meldingen %d for example). If this ok, you’ll be fixed.



    Hello @danbp

    I have solve the problem with your help
    Thank you!!!

    have a nice weekend.

    greetings Pascal ( Born, Netherlands )

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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