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Would like to show ALL Profile Groups and Fields EVEN if empty

  • Norman Cates


    So I’m having a really frustrating time getting BuddyPress to show all groups and fields, even if they have no data in them.

    I found this page:

    Profile Fields Loop

    It talks about the bp_group_has_profile() function. And parameters that can be applied. BUT that function is NOT in the example code on that page.

    I tried applying some of that information to


    But bp_group_has_profile does not exist in the above file.

    How does this information apply to showing all the fields and Profile Groups?

    When I search for the individual functions (like bp_profile_group_has_fields) in the BuddyPress site, they don’t seem to exist…

    Are these standard functions?

    I’m very confused about how to make this work.

    I also found this page:

    But that involves removing bits, rather than using function calls… Is this the way to do it?

    Thanks for any insight

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