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WP 3.5.2 BP 1.9 – re create BP admin bar

  • Developer ICAN



    I’m using the latest BP release – 1.9 and the latest WP 3.5.2.

    I’ve searched everywhere on how i can re create the top right BP admin bar that shows the user profile pic and loads of really useful links?

    My set up is as follows ..

    I have BP templates added to a ‘buddypress’ folder in my theme. I have the buddypress-functions.php in my theme and i have tried to use bp-custom in the root of my plugins folder.

    My problem is that all the documentation seems to be quite old now and the likes of


    doesn’t seem to do anything anywhere i put it? I thought this might hide the top right bp profile but it doesn’t? I wanted to hide it as i was following a few users posts about hiding it first before adding it somewhere else?

    Literally nothing is working for me?

    Can anyone help me on how to

    1) Hide the top right BP profile bar
    2) Leave the WP admin bar as usual
    3) Output the BP profile bar somewhere else on my theme – ie somewhere lowerdown or even in my navigation?

    Thanks for any help in advance!

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