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[Resolved] WP Admin bar and sub nav under the user

  • rmohney


    I noticed on a test site that I am working on that when you open up the user account in the wp-admin bar there is a sub navigation box under the edit my profile and log out links. It contains a group of navigation items one of which is forums. It opens up some more items. The list of items include Topics Started, Replies Created, Favorite Topics, Topics Started, Favorite Topics and Suscribed Topics.

    My question is why are the Topics Started and Favorite Topics repeated.

    Also which file generates these links. I have found where they are set up in a globel file so menu items can be added but I can not find this file

    I can give you the link to the site if need be

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  • Are you running bbPress 2?



    I think I found my problem. I have buddypress installed and bbpress 2.2. I went to the buddypress settings and removed the check mark for the discussions forums. This removed the extra Topic Started and Favorite Topics from the menu. I’m not sure if I have things set up right. Kind of winging it and learning as I go.

    Mitesh Patel


    I am getting the same problem. It seems a bug, but I don’t know how to report it correctly.
    I am on latest versions of wp, bp and bbp (3.5.1, 1.6.4 & 2.2.4 respectively), developing locally using MAMP.

    The problem is essentially this.
    When wordpress is installed with buddypress and bbpress (sitewide forums with group forums enabled for buddypress), if one hovers on “Howdy” menu to access forums quick-links, the forums menu offers 6 links (when you hover on “forums” quick-link), with 4 unique and 2 (“Topics Started” and “Favorite Topics”) duplicates. However, contrary to what @rmohney observed, even if group-forums are turned off, the problem (duplicate quick-links) persist(s).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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