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WP-Admin Goes Blank on Login

  • Will White


    As I was working with some of the css files etc I realized I needed to log into the dashboard and alter some settings.

    When I went to login I get the login screen, enter my information, and it takes me to a blank page. (It doesn’t even have a source or page loaded). I re-uploaded the default wp-admin folder that I had in my backup but it’s still not working.

    All I can think of that I have done that might have affected it in any way was I tried adding a bp-custom.php to plugins earlier to replace the toolbar image and it just gave me the code along the top of the screen under the toolbar – including in the dashboard areas. I removed the bp-custom.php and just uploaded a new gif over the old one using the same name. Not idea, but it works.

    Now I can’t log into the dashboard area.

    Any ideas what could have happenned?

    Thanks in advance.

    WPMU 2.7.1

    BP 1.0

    Viewing the site in Firefox

    No extra plugins or anything.

    Default themes- bphome and bpmember

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  • Will White


    Just realized I had bpdev plugin still on – must have missed it. Removed it and the problem was solved. Please disregard this post.

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