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Wp-admin time out

  • Well the problem happens when i am in the admin panel of wordpress mu. The connection just stops working and i have to rest my router. I still have a internet connect so while i cannot get to my site i can get to Google. Can some one help me?

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  • Xevo


    Did you install it on a local server/pc? I have wpmu + buddypress + bbpress running on my pc here and it’s working great. Perhaps your router blocks outgoing connections?

    no it is on my hosting company, man i wish i could make my pc a server and host my own website.

    some one help me like please!!! I still am having this issue and no one knows what is going on



    This is BuddyPress centric forum, so if you are having wpmu problem, you should visit he forum at as there’re more users than we have here on

    Also please read and follow the step by step guide on asking question on forum.

    We are happy to help, but without enough information we can’t.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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