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wp-bp for a newspaper site, how-to?

  • alcina22


    hi bp friends, I hope in your help.

    My site will be not only a community but also a “news” site (for a specific thing).

    I would that…: some friends, like newspaper editors/journalists every day add some pages to the site, in the categories, and the news will be published in the front page.

    But these articles -in my mind!- are not some “posts” from some “blogs”.

    Maybe do I use the “pages”?

    but how can I displayed these?, now in my site I can see only the titles, and I do click on to read the articles.

    Before I make this with another cms (mambo) but now I would create a community around this thematic site and I like buddypress!, but maybe I don’t have understood very well the difference between “pages” and “posts”…

    So I’m confused.

    Can you please explain me, maybe with some examples from other similar sites?

    Thank you so much!

    ciao :-)


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  • zageek


    Hi Alcina22 I might get shot at for saying this but maybe Buddypress or WP might not be the optimal solution for a news site, but why not because there is a different tool for a differnt job. I might suggest Drupal. Once you understand what a node is and that content items = nodes and you can create your own content types (node types) you are away. There seem to be a few good news sites that use that CMS. Check this out

    You could still use Buddypress for the social component though but you would need a bridge between the CMS you are using and WPMU to allow cross platform logins, those kinds of things tend to get messy though. Otherwise look at a magazine front page theme and hack things to get WPMU and Buddypress to function they way you want it. It all depends on how much interaction you want taking place around your articles. I have noticed that traditional newspaper sites seem to keep the activity down to just comments on artices and keep the social interaction for a separate section of the site, but maybe you have an idea for a new type of interactive news site.



    I don’t see why not. This is just a matter of styling the template files for the homepage, blog indexes (index.php) and post pages (single.php) more like a newspaper site would. You’d probably want to have a Print button with each article – there are plugins for that. Several big newspapers already use WordPress.

    Our Dear Leader on the subject – scroll down beyond the ridiculously humongous header.



    thank you for your answers! :-)

    @zageek: Drupal seems a little to difficult for me…maybe modify something in wpmu is more easy…

    but I see the french “Le Monde” and yes you tell right about separate sections, he has 2 separates sites for “newspaper” and “blogs”…

    but mine is not a big big newspaper so maybe I can try wpmu also for the news section… maybe with some plugins etc.

    @Peter: I’m working on the homepage with html and css, now I’ll follow your advice and keep a look to indexes, and post pages. So the articles will be “posts”… or “pages”?

    Newspaper sites:

    I have found this and this…

    have you maybe some others links for some other “inspiration”?

    Because neither of these has the “last news” displayed on the front page like I would…

    Thank-you again, ciao! :-)


    P.S. maybe I’ll ask also on the wpmu forum…!


    @mlovelock running WP / BP

    It’s a standard WP theme and then I’ve installed the BP Template Pack plugin to adapt it for buddypress.



    Supposedly even the New York Times is on WordPress, although they hide it well. Not sure if they still are.

    See also:

    Top 10 WordPress Theme for Newspaper Sites

    Newspapers and WordPress: A match made in heaven?

    You can actually do just about anything in WordPress if you really know your stuff… so for me it comes down to usability. Joomla and Drupal both tend to be very complicated for the average (or even ‘expert’) user. For usability, no one comes close to WordPress… in my opinion.

    Pages are for static content like “contact us”. They are organized and retrieved by a fixed hierarchy and cannot be tagged or categorized.

    Posts are for topical content like news articles. They can be organized and retrieved in and a multitude of ways… by tag, category, date, month, etc. You can even setup a custom taxonomy to add custom metadata to posts… like for instance… if it were a movie site… cast, release date, genre, etc. By default… with most themes… the homepage will simply spit out a stream of your most recent posts. But again, you can customize things in a million different ways if you know your stuff.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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