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WP e-commerce – Using to Create Paid Subscriptions

  • Kate


    I did search through the forums, so I’m really hoping this wasn’t answered yet. My apologies if it was and I missed it.

    I’m looking at a couple of different plugins that will allow me to charge members a recurring (yearly) fee for certain areas of a site I’m creating. For instance, I want users to be able to create a profile, and to browse other profiles, for free. However, to be able to interact with other users (eg: Private Messaging), they’ll need to pay a yearly subscription fee. (Users are creating only profiles, not blogs.) I’m starting to lean towards WP e-commerce because of its popularity. (Despite what I’ve heard about the support forums! :) I wanted to know if anyone’s had experience installing this along with BuddyPress for a similar purpose. (It looks like I may need to install their “Gold Cart & Grid Module” and “Members Only module” to accomplish what I want.)

    Hope that all makes sense. Any input is appreciated.

    EDIT: I had also come across this plugin, EasyPayPal, which seems to be almost exactly what I want. But, I wasn’t sure if it would integrate with MU. And I’ve e-mailed the developer of this plugin, but I’m waiting to hear back. I know… probably too much information. I’m just trying to get this figured out! :)

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