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WP Minify causing problems with avatar crop: solution

  • Hello, all. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I just want to say up front that I am far from a technical expert on things related to WordPress/BuddyPress. I know my way around PHP just about well enough to break 3 major site functions in the process of hacking a single minor one. However, after 2 hours spent on these forums and Google looking for a solution to my problem, I finally fixed it on my own. The fact that I couldn’t find a solution on the interwebs means either a) it was such an obvious solution no one else bothered to ask, or b) the Google is not strong with me, but on the off chance that there’s someone else out there who is having or will have (if you’ve had it, I can’t do anything about that unless you can travel in time) this problem and can’t figure it out, I’m posting my Mr. Obvious solution here.

    The problem: enabling WP-Minify for javascript caused the avatar crop function to stop working because of changes to how the javascript files are handled through the plugin. Disabling WP-Minify was not an option, because I’ve had to do some serious lifting with plugins due to a number of features BP just doesn’t have that I really needed, and having all those js/css files floating about was doing a number on my underpowered server.

    The solution: In the general options for WP-Minify, there are text boxes for js files, css files, and URIs to exclude from the minification process (it sounds all diabolical when I call it minification). Simply put the path to the Jcrop script (wp-includes/js/jcrop/jquery.Jcrop.js) in that text box and save your settings. Then, to be safe, I manually cleared the WP-M cache as well as my browser cache. One browser crash later (because I’m running the bleeding-edge build of Chromium to use my non-admin testing account) and reloading the page and, voila, avatar crop re-enabled.

    Feel free to point and laugh.

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  • Sounds like the right solution to me

    You’d be amazed at how many posts I found on the interwebs with people going “ZOMG plugin broke my…” and so on with no mention of this feature of the WP Minify plugin. Then again, you’re a pretty experienced guy, you probably wouldn’t be amazed. I think the general state of disarray among users contributed to my thinking it would be a more difficult problem to fix than it actually is…

    Only because I’ve seen problems with compressed JavaScript before :) Oftentimes a matter of trial and error to see which scripts cause problems or break.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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