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WP Multisite with BP or BP on its own?

  • monsieurmark



    We have three different departments at work that collaborate on projects.

    I’m building an internal site where each department has a department head and his team underneath him.

    On each project, the chosen members of the department leading the project can send invites to other departments to collaborate for the duration of the project. Only the invited can see the progress of the project and chat in chat rooms dedicated to that project.

    I’m stuck at the fundamental choice as to whether to use Buddypress on a single WP website, or to go down the multisite route with Buddypress installed on each of the department subsites.

    Can anyone give me any guidance?

    Thanks and Happy Easter!


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  • DennisBarkerCV


    This sounds like something that can be achieved without multisite.You can use Buddypress Groups and bbPress running as a forum for each group to achieve the discussion / chat.

    Each project could become a BuddyPress Private Group with its own forum / docs.

    If you want a seperate blog for each project then that would require multisite,but one blog categorised by project could achieve the same thing without the additional comlexity.



    Cheers for the quick reply Dennis, I’ll go down the route you suggested and uninstall my multisite, carry on with a single instance.

    The main reason I have gone round in circles on this is because the department head is sure to make additions to his team as time goes on, as well as lose some people I imagine. I’m not sure I can get a single Buddpress instance to give me the functionality to allow users to create and delete users.

    I guess what I’m saying above is that I’m getting the feeling I need a different user structure, with one user account per department, each department having their sub-users created by the account admin guy. This smelled like multisite initially, but then I also need users to be able to create their own departments (if new departments are created in the company), as this will take the burden off my shoulders. This on the other hand smelled like just a regular blog with user signup to me.

    Hence my confusion.

    Thanks again!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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