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WP Rest APi + Oauth + Bp Rest

  • macordu


    Hi. I am playing with BP rest API. I have bp version 2.6.2. I understand that for authentication, the WP REST API – OAuth 1.0a Server is needed. So I have installed it and have it working. After some debugging, I found WP correctly updates the user info, but buddypress does not get that information. And thus, for bp the user id is always 0. So bp_loggedin_user_id returns always 0. Is there something I am missing? Does buddypress or the rest plugin need to do any checking to work with the oauth server? Thanks!

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  • Renato Alves


    The BP REST API does not have support for users yet. My guess is that the version you are using if imcomplete, missing support for several components.

    Check the work here for more updates:



    Hi, thanks for your answer. The repository you point was actually my starting point. I know it is far for complete 🙂

    I want to filter the response depending on who is doing the call, and for that I need the authentication. I understood it should the be done the same way as in WP Rest API. I just thought that when WP got the logged in user id via the oauth process, Buddypress would get it also (the same way that when you log in through the web page). But it does not. So I was just wondering if anybody has a clue on where or what to do about this.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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