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wp_editor get post content

  • pixelandgrain


    Since none of plugin works with new wordpress and buddypress for rich text editor I have started to implement it myself manually directly into the theme.

    After using wp_editor() I got the editor on my fourms and it is posting forums content well without issue. However when I am trying to edit forums post it is not loading any content into the text editor. I am using below code if anyone can help me.

    $content = bp_the_topic_post_edit_text();
    $args = array(
    'textarea_name' => 'post_text'
    wp_editor( $content, 'post_text', $args);

    This doesnt load the forum post content just wonder. I have tested with the sting and just works fine it loads the string but not the actual content with the function. I dont know either this is the right function to get the content or not.

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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