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wp_editor in messages/single.php

  • Chosker



    I’m adding TinyMCE support to my front end at bbpress and buddypress.
    so far so good, most of what I want is working except one thing: on the Private Messages reply form I can’t send a message because I get the following error:
    There was a problem sending that reply. Please try again.

    It works fine for the Compose page, just not on replying to another message.
    it’s basically this, like @bossataxiatogether describes at the bottom. but that thread is closed so I had to make this new one.

    I’m calling wp_editor like this:
    wp_editor( '', 'message_content', $settings );
    and my settings have this:
    'textarea_name' => 'message_content',

    I’ve already tried changing ‘message_content’ to just ‘content’ (I have it as ‘content’ in my compose page and it works there)
    also tried having and not having the original textarea (in my compose page its removed and it works there)
    just fyi: this is all in new php files under my template/buddypress folder

    so I don’t know what to try anymore
    any suggestions?

    thanks 🙂

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  • Chosker



    had to focus on other things for a while but I’m still having issues with this

    any ideas?

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