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WP_Super_Cache + FB Connect + $redirect

  • enlightenmental1


    WPMU 2.7.1

    Buddypress 1.0.1

    FB connect 1.0

    We are using wp-super-cache to speed up our sites performance, which works fine.

    we disabled caching for logged in users

    however, this does not disable caching for logged in facebook users!!

    so when a facebook user logs in, they do not see their username/avatar and only see the same login input fields… the user must click somehwhere or be redirected in order for them to *know* they’re logged in

    it seems the FB Connect plugin does not include the $redirect function which would allow me to:

    a.) disable caching for them after they’ve logged in

    b.) use a plugin to redirect users once they’ve logged in

    I need a workthrough to fix this, so I can turn caching back on

    any advice would be great

    thank you

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