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Bottom themes broken

  • alexduvot


    Hello All

    I am a paid member of and

    It seems that all their themes besides the default theme work

    I have spent the past 4 months wasting my time with themes that are broken.

    Finally they supposedly released new updated themes for the update Buddypress.

    Even after waiting , the themes are broken and does not work

    How do I get what i am paying for because it is a complete waste of time to pay for a service and receive nothing but broken solutions

    You can see yourself here when you click on group or anything else the theme is broken the landing page work but if you click on members or groups your get a buddpress default theme.

    I am started to seriously second think Buddypress because of the lack of themes or themes that work with buddypress

    I am starting to find buddpress as a good solution for someone who wants to play with social networking as a hobby because I do not see the series effort to deliver something solid to the audience who is captive and are trying to use this product

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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