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Wrapper function if BP is activated?

  • I’m following along with to add some group meta and it works great.

    I’m wondering if the second code block “wrapper function if BP is activated” is still the preferred way and if it’s required. I haven’t seen that in other plugins with robust hooks and filters recently like Woo (where it just uses Woo based hooks and filters) so I wasn’t sure if the wrapper here was required, suggested, or completely optional at this point in BP development.


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  • danbp



    there is a little link on your example to another codex page who give’s you the main reason for using a wrapper.

    It is not required, but strongly recommended. Depending what, where and how your code should run, they are diffrent other ways to ensure that BP is active.
    the classic php if_class_exist()
    or more a la BP specific

    if ( function_exists('bp_is_active') ) {
      // do something here...
Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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