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Write to group forum as non-member

  • stefwilliams



    (Currently using bp 1.7 bleeding)

    This is probably a bit of an odd request.

    I’m setting up a small BP site for an existing community, which consists of one super-group with all members in it, and a number of smaller groups.

    Is there any way I can easily set up a form for a non-member of a group to post to a group’s forum? For example, we have a group for the committee, which will have a private forum, but I want to allow non-members to send messages to the committee group, ie, by posting a ‘guest’ post in the private forum… This way, they can receive replies to their post (by email notification), but cannot see the rest of the private forum.

    So far, I’ve managed to get a new forum post inserted by the anonymous user, but having problems getting alerts sent out… Can anyone point to the relevant functions I can use?

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