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Wrong Avatar and Gravatar after BP update

  • paulhastings0



    WPMU 2.9.1

    BP 1.2.1

    Whenever someone leaves a comment on a blog the avatar/gravatar that’s fetched every time is the blog author’s avatar. Even if the commenter isn’t even logged into the site and doesn’t even have a gravatar account the comment will still display the blog author’s comment.

    Here’s an example. As you can tell it looks kind of weird with 10 comments from different people but all with the same avatar.

    So I’ve been narrowing down the problem all night and here’s what I know:

    1. This problem occurred after upgrading to BP 1.2.1 . Whenever I disable all plugins on the site the problem persists. But then when I also disable Buddypress the problem stops and just shows gravatars. So I know it can’t be a WPMU problem.

    2. So I completely deleted BP 1.2.1 and manually reinstalled BP 1.2.1 but still no luck. Then I noticed that some themes that I had uploaded after upgrading to BP 1.2.1 displayed the gravatars and avatars correctly. Whether I choose the themes from the WordPress repository, download them somewhere else online, upload via the “New Themes” option, or via FTP they all display avatars and gravatars correctly.

    3. The only problem is with my pre-existing themes before the update. So I tried deleting a few and then uploading them again but with no luck.

    Any ideas?



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Viewing 21 replies - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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