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Wrong $since time shows for Activity Stream and bbPress post time.

  • I am not sure this is the proper corrections, but problems are solved after changing the following part of bp-core.php:

    line 1312 or so:

    [ Original ]
    function bp_core_current_time( $gmt = true ) {
    [ Changed ]
    function bp_core_current_time( $gmt = false ) {

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  • That’d never get into core :). If you think you’ve found an issue with timestamps, and you are sure you have configured everything correctly, post a bug report on please with full details of what exactly is wrong. A screenshot would be mega helpful, too.


    Thanks for you advise.
    Because I am not yet good at PHP scripts, I posted here so that people can see what is wrong and what is right.

    Regarding the correction I posted, it surely corrects the time displayed, but not all. There are some parts still showing the wrong time. Thus, I have to consider once again from the start.

    Doesn’t it have an influence that the current WP ignores the date_default_timezone_set setting? The current WP 3.0.1 sets the date_default_timezone_set setting to just ‘UTC’, even though we set our time zone in PHP.ini.

    This WP setting sometimes interferes…

    Anyway, it is true that current BP shows wrong time display, it is not the real JAPAN time. Isn’t there someone facing the same problem?

    I am not yet sure but corrections of message time in InBox or some other plugins related to activity stream may be the source of my mentioned problem, because the new BuddyPress site that I made with WP3.0.1 with only buddypress plugin shows the right time.

    I am still investigating the reason and the source of this problem.

    I finally found the reason.
    It is due to my customization of the plugin named “BuddyPress Group Email Subscription”.
    Due to the setting of WP3.0.1, which forces Time zone to UTC ignoring the local date_default_timezone_set, the plugin claims that the server time is UTC. As a result, the displayed time from the plugin is 9 hours behind Japan time.

    For this reason, I added “date_default_timezone_set(‘Asia/Tokyo’);” to the plugin’s script, which is the reason of the problem I posted here.

    I should once again think about the solution how to fix the plugin. Any idea?

    I found the way, and everything seems to be right now.



    @chestnu_jp. how did you fix it?!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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