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Wrong URL’s

  • idwithin


    Hi there I am on Version 5.6 for WordPress and latest BuddyPress version.

    I have forums for this website but they are private at the moment. So I am going to describe my problem as best I can and if need be I can create an account for someone to log in and have a look quickly. The site is

    Basically. Everything seems to work fine apart from when I try to access the Forums from two different locations.

    This is all through memberpress as well. As people sign up through that and get access to the private forums.

    Basically when you go into a group you see the Activity Feed. And the example being. You see this activity in one of the Topics “idwithin started the topic ‘Accessing Your Course Material’ in the forum Welcome! Come and say hello”

    When i click on the “Accessing Your Course Material” link to take me to the topic. It gives me this link – and a 404 saying Page does not exist.

    Yet when I go into the Tab that says Forum and select the Topic from this list then it works as it should. But gives me a completely different URL –

    This is what I cannot figure out. As there is obviously a problem with how the link is structured. I’ve been through the settings and can’t see anything wrong.

    Thank You i hope I explained it enough.

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