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Wrong User counting

  • bobafotz


    Hello everyone,

    I encountered a weird behaviour on the total number of user :
    In my dashboard, I have a total of 698 users. On my “Members” page, the total number indicated is 597. But, if I set the filter from “Active recently” (where i have 597), to “Alphabetical order”, the total number indicated goes up to 698 users.

    What is happening and how can i have the right number of users ?

    Thank you very much


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  • webmasterfreya


    Can confirm this looks odd.

    Alle leden 2.651 (all members -> of groups ?)
    Mijn vrienden 3

    Sorteren: Alfabetisch

    Je bekijkt 1 – 20 van 3.325 leden (all users )

    Dashboard :
    Alle (3.325) -> all users
    Participant (2.651) -> buddypress groups participants.

    If i search members (as admin) for a non group participant it does show up.

    However logging in as normal user (member of 2 groups) the total count is 2651 and non group participants don’t show up, which makes perfect sence.
    However sorting alfabetcally indeed returns the number 3.325. And searching a non participant does now show up.

    Something seems wrong indeed.



    I have a similar issue. The “Last Active” and “Alphabetical” lists seem to be listing completely different sets of members. Surely this is not intended?

    For instance, I can search for a member name in “Last Active” and they are returned. However if I change to the “Alphabetical” list, I get “no members found”. This works both ways, members in one list are never shown in the other.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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