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    My University final year project, check it out, sign up and if you can suggest anything to improve the overall user experience, or design let me now! Check it out

    So what’s it all about!

    SofaStop is an online community website for frequent backpackers and aspiring travellers. This fantastic service will assist backpackers and travellers find a place to stay whilst travelling and touring the world. Depending on the traveler’s itinerary, their destination of choice, SofaStop will offer an additional appeal to their touring agenda. The most attractive aspect of this service is that all accommodation is totally free! Should it be on someone’s sofa or in a spare bedroom! So if the cash flow is low and you’re on a tight budget you won’t need to worry about the cost of accommodation. The idea behind SofaStop was brought to life as a means to enhance the experience of a person travelling the world or just taking time out. SofaStop will give travellers the opportunity to meet and engage with a wide range of people from different cultural backgrounds and lifestyles. The community spirit that lays the foundation for SofaStop is both refreshing and enlightening and this helps keep the SofaStop community alive.

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