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WYSIWYG Editor for BP

  • wethepeoplefightback


    In searching on this topic I am not seeing any posts in the past 3 years which means others have either surrendered or found something that actually works.

    I am seeking to find an editor that actually works with BP in full. Elementor advertises this, but if anyone has actually tried it you’ve realized it actually doesn’t unless you are willing to fall into a site that is half in half out of design. They don’t answer tickets, they have nill to none information on their site about BP other than “its works”. (it doesn’t)

    I realize that there are tons and tons and tons of plugins being offered for free and sold out there to supposedly fix that issue. That leads into the WP black hole of compatibility and future issues I would like to avoid by finding something that doesn’t rely on juggling 5 knobs and rewiring the car to keep the engine running.

    Any luck anyone?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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