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XML 404 error reporting in gogle web master tool

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    zoom in

    my website every day same issue …

    plz help me

    i guess buddypress plugin bring problem..

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    @ginzobeat BuddyPress is not the issue. Something has gone wrong with your installation when it spits out URl’s with domain name in the middle and compounded components like: members/luzikd/activity/groups/

    I see you have a 404 when I tried based on the URL above, but found that there is a
    – I presume that you did not go through the Installation Wizard? or did you?
    – Go to wp-admin dashboard Settings > BuddyPress > Pages and double check that Pages are assigned to BuddyPress components activated.
    – is this a single WP site or a multisite installation?
    – if multisite, did you use domain mapping to point to your site with BP instealled?
    – what’s in your .htaccess file
    – change MADE theme to BP-Default theme and check URL’s

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    Ben Hansen


    yeah i’d also add that the graph appears to show an improvement (reduction) in 404s.

    maybe i’m being slow?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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