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Yet another out of memory on activation… not quite the usual, perhaps

  • Well, my first toe-dipping into buddy press on a relatively simple multisite install.

    Still getting out of memory errors on activation but…

    I have memory set to 125M in a php.ini file and this line in wp-settings.php

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '125M');

    (backticks are a great idea, but not on a mac keyboard)

    But with a fresh launch and login I am still getting the message declaring that wp is running with its default memory limit.

    I’m stumped. Please unstump me.

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  • John James Jacoby


    Sounds like your web host is heading you off at the pass and forcing a smaller memory limit. Who is your host?

    Just moving all my sites over to So far they are little short of amazing and as far as I know allow all sorts of changes to php handing and recommend doing so. There are no limits set on anything much, which was why I chose them. I’ll raise a ticket with them just to check.

    OK Heart living up to their rep. Responded to ticket in a few minutes. Just in case this helps anyone else. An addition memory command was necessary in the .htaccess file to increase the apache server memory limit.

    Just added this to that file and all is fine.

    RLimitMem 128000000

    Interesting, default values for this and it’s sibling CPU directive is ‘Unset’ but suspect sharedhosts set this to protect from too many spawned child instances crashing servers, surprised that they let this be modified really, but a great and fast response.

    I had wondered about Heart but tended to dismiss them due to the rather too? cheap packages they offer.

    I hesitated for exactly that reason, for several months, to go searching and looking for conflicting stories. Found none. They seem to have a similarly liberal approach to processor cycles, which would fit, and only deal with problems by discussion on a case by case basis. So far enormously impressed. In fact the only thing I think they could offer that would make them pretty well unbeatable would be their own payment processing system that could get us out of the stranglehold of paypal and the big company processes.

    As to cheapness, the full reseller package is certainly modestly priced, but offers all the freedoms I have been locked out of by my previous host. I have yet to crack the integration of the hosting interface with my main site so that my company brands the experience from start to finish though.. too busy with other sites.

    They’re certainly one of the more interesting hosts in the re-seller market, shame they don’t do VPS packages although do do dedicated.

    It’s interesting to hear first hand experience of them.

    You definitely want to find the time to do the re-branding though :)

    Not sure there’s much of a gap between their shared servers and vps though. They seem to have found a way to open things up pretty wide on a shared basis. Obviously by taking the limits off in terms of bandwidth, storage and domains they are hoping to get people building big farms, knowing that the hastle of moving them all might give them a more stable user-base. But, if their quality continues to be this good, with fast responses to tickets from people who are actually willing to get involved and have real expertise… well, enough for now certainly.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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