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You know you spend TOO much time with BP if….

  • Bowe


    I’m a pretty active facebook user and today I was posting stuff on people’s profile and posting a status babbling about My Wire etc.. After posting I went for a walk with my dog, came back and saw that 3 people reacted on my status update with; ‘WTF is your “Wire” dude ?’

    D’oh!! BuddyPress already has affected my social networking brain.. I feel like an old person who keeps on calling CD’s LP’s (you know who you are!)..

    Are their more signs of spending too much time with BP ? Please enlight me, so I can keep myself under close observation!

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  • abcde666


    well, I am checking my website every five minutes in order to see if any new users have signed up :-)

    unfortunately, not many users yet and not many signing up……



    What might help is visiting other social networks and create a Facebook fanpage and a Twitter account and start following people who have something to do with your site’s subject.. Also you might write blogposts about your site’s subject and makes sure they are picked up by google (SEO plugin might help).. Good luck with finding users for your site.. I’m sure their out there, just have to find them and point them to your site!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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