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Your thoughts on this setup…

  • Apologies in advance for the long post – I’m after a bit of guidance. Ok, here’s the scenario:

    I used to hit mountains and hills hiking and camping, and am getting back into it. There’s a fair few friends that are interested in joining in, all with various levels of experience, but some are green to the outdoors.

    I currently run a vBulletin site that some of these friends are members of. Others aren’t but are on Facebook, and others aren’t members of any social networking sites as yet.

    The site I create I want ultimately to do two main things:

    1) Be a one-stop shop for information, CMS stylee.

    a) Give information on upcoming events.

    b) Give articles/information about advice for kit (eg boots, waterproofs, layers, tents, stoves, etc).

    c) Give articles/information on skills (eg map & compass, GPS, etc, etc).

    d) Have a blog for relevant thoughts.

    2) Encourage discussion for upcoming events and people to upload walking logs, photos, etc.

    a) Allow individual profiles.

    b) Allow uploading of photos and videos.

    c) Allow basic forum discussion, and other commenting.

    d) Allow group creations as some of my mates like mountain biking, kayaking, etc – so some will go out and carry out those activities, whilst others will just hike, etc.

    I could setup some Facebook style site – but I know that some of my mates aren’t up for joining Facebook. I also know that some of them won’t want to join the vB site I already have (and it’s not really geared towards this purpose in any case).

    I don’t really want to use vB, and feel that WordPress could offer a solution. I want to use WPRemix for the CMS side of what I’m trying to do (1 above). But then I want to use BuddyPress + WordPress MU + bbPress to achieve the discussion/social networking side (2 above).

    I did try and setup WordPress MU + BuddyPress + bbPress, and then added WPRemix and set that to the main site/blogs theme. I setup with subdomains for users, but basically that creates some weird outcomes: > WPRemix theme. > BuddyPress Home theme – but no widgets setup (I thought that that should have gone to either the user’s profile or the user’s blog?).

    And there were some strange authentication issues, I’m assuming cookie/domain related? I also want users to be able to use the BuddyPress theme only, not the WPRemix theme.

    Anyway, would I be better off creating two sites: > WordPress 2.7 + WPRemix. > WordPress MU + BuddyPress + bbPress with WordPress MU setup not to use subdomains (directories instead).

    Thoughts would be appreciated!



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  • Adam W. Warner


    Hey IB,

    I think you’re current setup should work for what you need to do. You may need to add a couple plugins though.

    You said these were the trouble items… > WPRemix theme. > BuddyPress Home theme – but no widgets setup (I thought that that should have gone to either the user’s profile or the user’s blog?).

    My set up is similar. > Using main BP theme > Using a default theme I specified using a plugin called “New Blog Defaults” that allows me to set the default theme for any blog that’s created.

    Now, the difference might be that my version of is actually a user blog address, not just a user name. Does the user your trying access have a blog domain as well? Or just a user (profile) name?

    If it’s just a profile name, then the url would be

    The (test users) have a blog too and have the domains setup:

    This then shows a default BuddyPress theme home, with no widgets.

    Even when the main site/blog is using the BuddyPress theme itself with widgets, the has the BuddyPress theme home with no widgets.

    I actually want users to use the BP theme, and the main site ( to use the WPRemix theme.

    Adam W. Warner


    Hmmm…that does sound strange. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. I’m not completely in the same boat as I don’t have BBPress installed.

    Anyone else know where he can start troubleshooting?

    Burt Adsit


    ib0189, what you describe is possible. You can use a wp theme for the main blog and the bp home theme for all other blogs in mu. You just need to restrict your user’s selection to the bp home theme only and somehow make it the default. The plugin that awarner20 mentioned works. Also in Site Admin > Themes just disable everything except the home theme.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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