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Default User Roles, 2 Instances of BBpress, 1 sets accounts inactive

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    I have decided to setup 2 instances of bbpress. 1 for group forums and 1 for general discussion. Due to a security hole which could allow visitors to see any forum, I have hidden the group forums install, so private groups can maintain some level of privacy.

    The issue is both have the same intergration settings, but 1 sets new users as members, the bbpress which is being used as the group forums. The other instance of bbpress sets new members as inactive.

    Is there some code, possibly in the bp-group, which initializes users in bbpress install which I need to duplicate for the second instance of bbpress?

    The public forum is at

    Any advice would be appreciated,


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    Burt Adsit


    I thought about doing the same thing. I setup 2 instances of bbpress. One for groups and one for ‘the community’. The groups forums were hidden. I didn’t like it too much. I wanted the public groups to be public forums but read only until users joined a group. I also wanted the private and hidden groups to have hidden forums.

    See this thread:

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