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How to create custom group components, like on

  • I know this has come up before, but I can’t find the older threads about it. If this “how-to” was already explained once, I’d be happy with just a link.

    We are trying to accomplish more or less exactly what is doing with groups already, using it not just for groups but also a plugins directory. The documentation on how to create a custom component is pretty sparse, the Component API page is a blank and the BP Skeleton Component is somewhat outdated, and doesn’t come with a whole lot of additional documentation.

    This particular area of development could really benefit from an update. The custom components we’ll be developing for our sites (the primary one being a Groups variety that ties in with GitHub to establish a plugin repository) may very well be published as free plugins, but the barrier to entry is currently very high.

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    That doesn’t help make a separate group though, it only explains how to extend it. We want to keep our groups as they are, while adding a new component, based on groups, but with its own slug and so forth.

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    Look through the BuddyPress code. The core components extend a class BP_Component. You extend this class to create your own components. In folder bp-groups you can see how the groups component is being created and use it as an example.

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    i want to replicate group component to new component with name movements and groups .
    i do not want to change group to movement , groups functionality will remain as it but also similar functionality will be copied to new component named movement .
    Tried group skeleton component ,
    all these uses filters to change or extend Bp functionality .
    But none of this link give how to create replica of component ,

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    I ALSO want to: “replicate group component to new component with the name ‘organizations'”…and… “i do not want to change group to ‘organizations’ the groups functionality will remain as is but add same functionality copied to new component named ‘organizations’

    I keep seeing @modemlooper @@modemlooper and @shanebp talk/help about this but i still cannot find a solution.

    anyway… just posting a comment to be notified of any further info,

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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