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  • Thanks for your help. For #2, my theme doesn’t let you post until you join a group. It must be specific to my theme? I’ll try to change this… Not sure how to make the auto-join thing though. Will look into it. For #3, I installed the welcome pack and it doesn’t do anything. Again, this is probably specific to my theme. I’ll have to figure out why. I am using the facelook theme by the way.

    I’d like to see this too if anyone has ideas

    I have an idea… You know how friend requests, group invites, etc… send you an email? What if instead they sent a message to your inbox? That would work as a global inbox, right? Any idea how to do that?

    I’ve been learning buddypress, so maybe I can help? I don’t really understand what you’re asking. Are you asking for good plug-ins? If so, I started by searching WP plug-ins for the term “buddypress” and looked through each of them and installed the ones that fit what I wanted.

    You have a fun site by the way!

    That’s a good fix, but unfortunately my theme doesn’t display an admin bar at all. That’s why I need to re-create certain things, like notifications…

    The activity page that shows all members activity. It’s this page.

    Right now I have root_profiles disabled, so when you click a user it goes to /members/username and works. When I enable root_profiles, it still tries to go to that link even though it’s no longer active.

    Okay, I got it working, so if you go to it goes to their page… but now the activity page links user names to /members/membername… which no longer exists and so it just loads

    Is there anyway to change those links or to enable both /members/membername and /membername?

    While we wait for a reply, I just wanted to thank everyone for the help. You all are amazing!

    This is very helpful, but I would really appreciate one more thing. The nav bar has a link that says “Notifications”. When you get a message or something, it adds a number to the side, for how many notifications you have. For example, if you get one message, it puts the number “1” on the right. When you mouse over it, it shows you the notifications and you can click to go to them. How would I put the same link with mouse over effect on my site? I am very confused. Thank you for the help!!!

    I am bumping this too as I would really like to do this. Can anyone write the exact link to put in, i.e. “php echo bp_loggedin_user_domain()…”, for the following items?



    I tried that but bowob doesn’t work with the facelook theme :(

    Just found it, it’s called CometChat for anyone interested:

    Edit. I just removed the following code from ajax.php and the “favorite” button is still there. Why won’t it die?

    case ‘favorites’:
    $feed_url = $bp->loggedin_user->domain . BP_ACTIVITY_SLUG . ‘/favorites/feed/’;`

    `* AJAX mark an activity as a favorite */
    function bp_dtheme_mark_activity_favorite() {
    global $bp;

    bp_activity_add_user_favorite( $_POST );
    _e( ‘Remove Favorite’, ‘buddypress’ );
    add_action( ‘wp_ajax_activity_mark_fav’, ‘bp_dtheme_mark_activity_favorite’ );

    /* AJAX mark an activity as not a favorite */
    function bp_dtheme_unmark_activity_favorite() {
    global $bp;

    bp_activity_remove_user_favorite( $_POST );
    _e( ‘Favorite’, ‘buddypress’ );
    add_action( ‘wp_ajax_activity_mark_unfav’, ‘bp_dtheme_unmark_activity_favorite’ );

    I’d like help with this one too… any ideas?

    I just removed this code from entry.php and the “favorite” option is still next to each post… Shouldn’t it be gone?


    <a href="” class=”fav” title=””>

    <a href="” class=”unfav” title=””>


    Thanks, but oembed only works for the listed sites there and I’m interested in letting me users post any image without having to type <img… etc. Is this possible? Maybe I need to modify oembed?

    Wow, you are awesome! Thank you! I had the same problem and changing it from New York to UTC-5 fixed this for me. Thanks!

    Cool, thank you!

    Well let me ask a different way. I am mainly interested in the “notifications” feature in the nav bar. Do you know what the code would be for me to put in my header a link that says “notifications” and when I have a new message or friend request, it will say so just like the nav bar does here?

    This is what it says in styles.css:

    `/* > Admin Bar


    #wp-admin-bar, #wp-admin-bar.padder {
    height: 0;
    display: none; /* Hide it- not required. */


    /* > Header


    Yes, everything is running fine. I am fairly certain the theme does not include activity bar. I.e. the buddypress plugin has all the files for it, but the theme does not include it. I’d like to add it in. I’m not sure what hook to look for in footer.php. Again, I feel like adding the activity bar is just a matter of placing the correct code in my header to display it. Any idea what that code would be?

    Also, thank you again for the help. I really appreciate it!

    Awesome, works great. Thanks!

    I understand that the focus here is on BP core issues, but I appreciate your help. What I am wondering is this. I know the BP install has the activity bar files. What would be the code to simply display the activity bar at the top? For example, in the admin panel I can see the activity bar at the top and it works perfect. Is there a simple code I can drop into my header to display the activity bar?

Viewing 22 replies - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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