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I could use some buddy press advice

  • So I have created a buddy press twenty ten theme and am getting close to launching my site. I never really looked at buddy press that close, I assumed it was pretty straight forward. As I look at it now, I does not appear with what I have, members can create forums and interact very well with what I have. Could you give me some advice? What plug-ins should I add? Do I need bbpress? Any help or suggestions are much appreciated.


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  • acaps2007


    I’ve been learning buddypress, so maybe I can help? I don’t really understand what you’re asking. Are you asking for good plug-ins? If so, I started by searching WP plug-ins for the term “buddypress” and looked through each of them and installed the ones that fit what I wanted.

    You have a fun site by the way!

    Thank you! Well, I guess for starters, do I need to add a forum plug-in? How does the user create forums? I created one in Buddy Press on my admin acct., but when I checked on another “non admin: user, no forum to be found? I guess what i am really asking is what do I need to do to make this site really interactive for the users. Appreciate any input, I built the site with the notion of creating alot of interaction. Thanks!



    First, forums are generally part of a group. You cannot create forums outside of the group paradigm unless you install bbpress and integrate bbpress with wordpress. Generally you don’t install bbpress and buddypress because buddypress will take over bbpress when you turn on the forum component in buddypress.

    Second, if #1 is true then you have to decide what groups you will create or let your users create the groups. You can create groups for each resort, maybe even each board manufacturer, or board style, etc. You have to make those kinds of design decisions yourself or explain to your members how they can create their own groups.

    Once you create a group, part of the creation or administration of the group is the decision to enable the discussion forum. Once the forum is enabled, then discussion can take place under that group. Yes all the forums can be listed in a directory, but once you get some traffic your users will click a forum link or topic link and be taken to the group that the forum belons to.

    I hope that helps.

    That does help, Thank you for the post roydeanjr..

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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