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Michael Springer

About Me

I am Michael and a student in Berlin. I do a lot of gymnastics and training on the Airtrack matte and trampoline, and right now I am working on building a WordPress website with training videos and tips to how you can improve your jumping skills on an Airtrack, trampoline or on a normal gymnastics mat. I am 20 years old, and live just outside Berlin by myself. Love watching movies and doing various types of sport.

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Current Location

Berlin, Germany

WordPress Origin Story

A friend of mine suggest that I gave WordPress a try after having tried Wox and similar online builders. So I downloaded the free version of WordPress and setup a small website on a cheap host. Still not ready with the page, but it’s fun to work on, just a bit harder than I had imaged.



Airtrack Matte

Job Title

Product developer and Gymnast


I started doing gymnastics about 5 years ago, and have been training about 4 days a week. I also do a bit of running and a little fitness when there is time for it. Most of my gymnastic training these days are on the GymPlay Airtrack or on the Berg trampolin out in my back garden. I also have a smaller no brand Airtrack down in my basement, that I can use on those days where it’s raining or to cold to train outdoor.
I recently wrote a small article about fitness training during the vinter or when it’s to cold to train outdoor, you can read it here.
As you may have guessed, sports and training takes up a lot of my time and it’s something I have always loved. I have been playing some tennis and football when I was younger, but lately it has mainly been gymnastics though. Here’s a few of my favorite sport and training pages:
Sport and Airtrack training guides
Fitness training for beginners
Airtrack tips and tricks
What is an Airtrack

I also do other stuff than gymnastics or Airtrack training. I am not the most social guy, but I do a few friends that I spend some time with now and then. We play boardgames, does some standup paddleboard trips or go watch a movie or two at the local cinema. I don’t drink or go to parties, I don’t find that very interesting, and I don’t like being around drunk people. As i said, I am not the most social guy. About twice a week I visit some of my family who lives here in Berlin, mainly my parents who lives about 5 km away from where I love.
Got a small 2 room apartment just outside of Berlin, where I live alone. No pets and no girlfriend yet, so it’s plenty of space for me. Luckily we got a great backyard with plenty of grass here in this apartment complex, so it’s easy for me to do some outdoor training and improve my gymnastic skills. Got a local fitness center just down the block, so it takes me about 3 minutes to walk there, should I feel like doing some weight or strength training. I sometimes take a fitness class like Yoga or Spinning, but most of the time it’s just free weight training and a little bit of cardio.

Right now I am trying to build my own WordPress site about Airtrack and trampoline training. It’s not that easy, and I had expected WordPress to be a bit more simple to work with. It’s still easier than the Wox system I started out with but gave up on pretty soon. Somethings was just to simple in Wox, other things to complicated, and getting a nice looking design that fit my idea of what a website should look like – impossible. A friend of mine suggested I gave WordPress a chance, and it turned out to be much easier to use. I still need to improve my coding skills, and learn more about HTML, CSS and PHP.
That was a little bit of information about me. Feel free to send me a PM should you want to learn more.

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