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  • pm21



    I have a question regarding the cooperation between BuddyPress ( ) and Events Manager ( ).
    From what I have checked, Events Manager does not have a function that allows a logged-in WordPress user to invite other logged-in WordPress users to an event. I assume that this event may or may not be created by the inviting user. Ideally, if someone could invite individual users from their BuddyPress circle of friends, or an entire circle of friends, as well as individual members of a BuddyPress group of which the inviting user is a member, or and entire this group.

    Do you know any ready-made solution that makes it possible?
    And if there isn’t, can you give me a hint, how I could do this with BuddyPress / Events Manager or another tools?

    I would be grateful for the information

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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